Domestic Relocation

A critical part of every relocation process, the loading and unloading are implemented by highly skilled teams by NCR Packers and Movers. The goods are loaded and unloaded with the use of pulleys, lifters, hydraulic elevators, containers, loading spouts, etc., as required. Thus maximizing the risk of damage and assuring higher safety of goods. Loading and unloading activities of Packers and Movers include:

  • Arranging packed boxes or cartons near the vehicle
  • Loading by expert workers
  • Safe & careful placement of boxes as per the nature of goods
  • Fastening the boxes and cartons
  • Covering the boxes and goods with waterproof sheets.
  • Safe unloading of goods by expert workers
  • Usage of modern equipment to unload heavy boxes, machinery, etc.
  • Unloading of goods carefully to avoid damages.

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